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Word Panic Scramble is a fast paced word puzzle game, in which you have to form as many words as possible in 2 minutes. You form words by sliding over contiguous tiles, but every now and then new tiles appear at the top of the board. The longest the word, the more points.

Players compete in rounds of 3 days. Each player chooses a country to compete for, and tries to top the world and national score charts. The top 3 players and their country in each round will win a gold, silver or bronze medal, as in the Olympic Games. Medals cumulate over time.

If you like games such as Scramble and Scrabble, this one is definitely for you!

Note: sound during the game is turned off in iPhone 4 and earlier models in order to improve performance.


Work Info

Project: Word Panic Scramble


Author: Shingo

Time: December 16, 2013

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