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Do you take picture of your baby with your iPhone?
Use BABYalbum to create your BABYalbum automatically!

**With BABYalbum,
– Create album AUTOMATICALLY per 3 month, just put baby’s birthday!
– Create ORIGINAL cover album with baby’s name, like managine!
– Create Photobook with album per 500yen, including 62 photos via TOLOT!

**How to use BABYalbum,

1) Put Baby’s name and birthday.
2) BABYalbum will create album automatically each 3month after baby’s birthday.
3) Select 62 Photos each album.
4) Tap「BOOK」, move to partner APP「TOLOT」, then you ‘ll be able to buy Photobook you created on BabyAlbum.

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Work Info

Project: BABYAlbum


Author: Shingo

Time: November 13, 2013

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